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The Art Of Learning To Laugh At Yourself

The truth is, life’s hard, and it’s always going to be this way. There’s no changing the fact that life will leave you devastated, broken, and hopeless during the worst of situations. Life is going to test every ounce of strength and resilience you have if you have the guts to keep moving forward or give up entirely.

It’s in these tough situations that we learn the art of laughing at ourselves. If you failed, laugh at the silliness of how you never stopped trying. No matter how much failure life gave you, laugh at the fact that you screamed no in every disappointment and battle ever given to you. Not everyone is capable of finding humor amidst the darkness, and when you do, you have a gift.

Learn to laugh at yourself when you keep getting your heart broken over boys who hurt you, reminding you that you never learn. Love is a game, and in this scenario, you always lose. However, find the art in laughing at the fact that you have such a tremendous heart that you have the capacity to find beauty in everything and everyone. Laugh at your ability to love everything and everyone, even with the expectation of heartbreak and betrayal.

When you still can’t find your purpose and place in this messy and chaotic world, learn to laugh at the adventures that took place. Find the humor in all the unexpected friendships you’ve made and the risks you’ve taken with so much spontaneity and freedom. Laugh at the art of doing whichever your gut tells you, despite being at a loss in direction and fulfillment.

When your relationship confuses you to the point of no return, when you don’t understand why people change drastically without promises ever being fulfilled, laugh at the art of finally getting it right. Laugh at the art of finally finding someone that becomes your best friend, of finding someone that promises to stay with you, despite other unfulfilled promises.

When you find yourself being filled with the hope of fixing, saving, or changing people, find the art of laughing at the irony of it all. Isn’t it ironic how you do your best to become the light in their lives, but nobody acts as yours?

In a world where you don’t know what to expect anymore, find the art in laughing at your messes, your failures, your insecurities, your heartbreaks—everything. Find humor in trying to get where you intend to go and you’ll be alright.

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