God, I Surrender My Grief To You

Dear God,

I’m running to you with every inch of brokenness inside of me that I can no longer fathom. My grief and tragedy has been overwhelming me lately, and I know that only You are capable of healing and restoration. You are the God of miracles and breakthroughs, and I need You to restore every part of me that I no longer recognize because of my grief. I’m aware that I shouldn’t be letting my emotions eat me up inside, but I can’t help what I feel. I know that the person I lost is now reunited with You in Heaven, and I know they’re in safe hands right now, but I miss them so much. I pray that You don’t let me lose myself in my grief and that I’m capable of overcoming this battle.

You are the very creator of this world, and I know only You can do something so miraculous and life-changing. Despite my grief, I cling to you with the truth that there’s a deeper purpose on why this is all happening. I choose to have faith rather than rely on my feelings, and I trust even in the things I can’t see. Whenever I feel like screaming and shouting about why my grief feels too big to overcome, I run to you with my broken heart and trust in Your plan and purpose. I know that even a mustard seed of faith is enough for You, and with the little faith I have, I cry out Your name for healing and restoration.

I pray that you use grief and brokenness to change me and to make me see something that’s bigger than myself. I pray that You convict me that grief is not the defining factor in my life and to remind me that I’m brave enough to overcome anything, including my grief. I will choose to trust in Your purpose in all of this, and I’m grateful that You led them home to You. Thank You for taking away their pain in sickness and leading them back to Your kingdom. Even when my heart is broken, I choose to focus on that simple grateful truth, so thank You, Lord.

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