8 Struggles Of Modern Dating Only Hopeless Romantics Will Understand

1. Casual dating.

There is nothing a hopeless romantic hates more than casually dating someone. You’re basically falling into the trap of having someone without the commitment and assurance entirely. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’re naturally already planning out the dates you want to go on with them.

2. Having sex on the first date.

Hopeless romantics aren’t into having sex on the first date. The reason for this is they know they tend to go overboard with liking someone, and having sex with them on that first date isn’t doing any favors, especially for them.

3. Texts instead of handwritten letters.

We live in the modern dating culture, and sadly, handwritten letters are going out of style. People nowadays would rather choose convenience rather than romance. However, nothing shouts “I adore you” than expressing your love through a handwritten letter.

4. Friends with benefits.

This is similar to casual dating, but you’re getting the benefits of a relationship without an actual relationship. This is a complete nightmare to a hopeless romantic. They either want you or not.

5. Netflix and chill.

Why is Netflix and chill a thing? Why is sex always the assumption? Netflix and chill is the worst for a hopeless romantic because they want to be taken out for dates. They want someone to go have coffee with them or to watch a movie with outside—preferably not at their place. Netflix and chill is literally the least romantic date for a hopeless romantic.

6. Saying “I love you” over the phone.

Nothing gets to the heart of a hopeless romantic like saying it in person. That’s the most genuine and heartfelt confession, after all. When you say love someone despite your hands shaking and your heart beating faster than usual, that’s when a hopeless romantic knows it’s real.

7. A lack of depth in conversations.

Hopeless romantics cringe at the thought of having to endure small talk with someone they want a relationship with. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you need someone with depth and substance—you need a best friend. Love is never to be a mundane feeling, and this is all the more evident in the relationship you aspire for.

8. Mind games.

What’s up with the rule that you can’t text them for three days? Or that you can’t send two consecutive texts without being categorized as ‘clingy’? Worse than either is the mixed signals. One minute they’re into you, and then they want to get away from you. These things are incredibly frustrating for a hopeless romantic. When you literally wear your heart on your sleeve, it frustrates you when people have to pretend to play all these games to capture your attention.

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Dorothy Anne Field

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