10 Powerful Reminders For Mental Health Awareness Month

1. It’s okay if you’re struggling.

You don’t always have to beat yourself about it. The more you pressure yourself into having everything figured out, the more you’re going to frustrate yourself. Let yourself feel the way you do, and only then can you let go.

2. Mental illness is not a battle fought alone.

No matter how independent or strong you think you are, mental illness is a serious issue and you need a support group. Your mental health should be your top priority and you need to surround yourself with people you love.

3. Breathe.

I think because of how fast-paced this world really is, we tend to forget to just breathe and be present with everything.

4. Your mental illness is not your identity.

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, OCD, or another mental illness entirely- it is not your identity. This is not your final destination, and it’s not going to define you for the rest of your life. Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses don’t make you a bad person, either. It just makes you human.

5. Distractions aren’t always bad.

We’re surrounded by so much distractions that we tend to feel guilty when we do indulge in them. However, distractions become essential to take you out of the darkness of your own mind. It’s okay to use Netflix or video games to make yourself feel better, from time to time. Just remember that you have your limits.

6. Therapy isn’t a bad thing.

No matter the misconception of only needing therapy when you’re crazy or something is wrong with you, therapy is good for your mental health. It gives you a professional point of view on how to deal with your problems.

7. Take necessary breaks.

You don’t always have to push yourself to the point of burnout. You’re allowed to take social media breaks, or any necessary breaks for the benefit of your mental health. It’s can be exhausting to constantly be there everyone, all the time.

8. Your thoughts are valid, but inaccurate.

The thing about mental illness is that it feeds you with the darkest of thoughts, until you believe in them yourself. I want you to know that you’re far stronger than your thoughts, and they aren’t real. You are more than enough, no matter what your thoughts are telling you.

9. Physical activity goes a long way.

I know most of us think exercise is exhausting and a waste of time. However, did you know that any form of physical activity releases endorphins in your body, which makes you feel good? It also gives you the motivation you need to be productive for the day.

10. Always being busy isn’t always a good thing.

In a world that tends to romanticize being busy to an extend, you forget that there is peace and calmness in the absence of noise. You don’t always need to keep yourself busy to shut off your thoughts.

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