If You’re Going To Be Defined By Anything, I Hope It’s Your Passion

It’s easy to be complacent and accepting in our own lives. In fact, that’s the easiest way to live your life. It’s the easiest thing to just settle for the way things are rather than going out of what’s familiar and comfortable. We naturally thrive in our comfort zones, and the presence of change is enough to set us off. However, if you want to be defined by something—anything at all—I sincerely hope that you’ll be defined by your passion.

Despite the contrary, you can do various things you’re passionate about. You can have passion for a hobby, a relationship, a career, or something else entirely, though the best thing you can be passionate about is your own life.

I hope you find passion in being alive. I hope you don’t settle for the way things are, but you find enthusiasm in waking up each day and living your life with purpose and life.

I hope you find passion in going out of your comfort zone. Life was never meant to be lived within the realm of your comfort zone, and I hope you learn to let go of what’s familiar and comfortable. I hope you know that it’s only through change that you can grow.

I hope you find passion in being the best version of yourself every day. I hope you never just settle for complacency in your life but keep striving towards someone that you’d be proud to be. I hope you make certain adjustments in your life that promote growth and self-improvement.

I hope you find passion in finding beauty in the mundane things. The happiest people in this world are often those that can find light and bliss in even the mundane moments, and I hope you do just that. I hope you find beauty amidst the darkness this world has to offer.

I hope you find passion in living a life full of love, adventure, and everything in between. Ultimately, love is the best thing we do, and I hope you never, ever take people for granted. I hope you find passion in the beauty of loving people and creating significant memories with the people that matter.

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