Real Love Is Greater Than What You Lack

Just because you found the right person, it doesn’t guarantee a life full of sunshine and rainbows. Life doesn’t work that way. In fact, life is going to test every ounce of patience, strength and love that you have for your significant other.

There are going to be days, months even, where you will be overwhelmed with darkness and hopelessness. Life isn’t something that we can control and the truth of the matter is that there are going to be circumstances that will test the amount of love your relationship has. Whether one of you goes through a season of grief or loss, that isn’t to say that one endures pain more than the other. While the other goes through their own darkness, the other has to carry their burden for them. When one goes through a great amount of pain and heartbreak, one becomes the symbol of strength and light for the other.

It’s not easy. It’s in these moments you realize that loving someone requires a great deal of sacrifice, more for yourself than in any aspect. As you’re helping them heal, you’re also mourning the loss of the person they used to become. You miss them, every day, even as you’re with them. There’s something in the relationship that’s lacking, and you’re more aware of this than anyone.

However, it’s also in these moments you get the realization of the tremendous amount of love you have for them. Even as you’re lacking and even as you miss them, you know that you would drop everything just to bring light in their lives. Even as you’re missing how wholeheartedly they showed their love for you in the past, you know that you’re patient enough to love them as they are right now. Lastly, no matter how confusing, heartbreaking and overwhelming the reality of the situation is, there’s nobody you’d rather endure every storm of your life than the person you’re with.

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