God, Thank You For Your Miracles This Year

God, Thank You For Your Miracles This Year

At the beginning of 2019, I said that this was going to be my year, but I never once believed it to be true — until it actually happened.

God, you are truly good, and I don’t deserve any of the blessings you have given me this year.

You gave me someone who deserves every bit of my being. You gave me someone who leads me towards You in every way possible. You gave me someone who shows me the miracles of Your grace and Your love. You gave me a best friend, a life partner, and someone I want nothing but to spend the rest of my days with. I almost gave up on the possibility of finding what real love is about, not just the worldly love that everyone else portrays. I almost gave up on finding the 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love that I never could seem to have a grasp on. But You did, and it was the greatest miracle possible.

You gave me the gift of Your grace. I gained my confidence through securing my identity in You and the sacrifice Your son did for us to forgive us for our sins. I gained the clarity I needed that no amount of actions will justify, but it is through my faith through Your grace that I am saved. I am not my sins, my guilt, my shame, or anything that the enemy tells me that I am. The only thing I am is Your child, a sinner, undeserving of Your love but You thought worthy of anyway.

You gave me the gift of family. A breakthrough happened with my family and it could never have happened if it weren’t for Your grace. I thought all hope was lost in the darkness of the situation, and yet You continue to awe me with Your never-ending miracles through my life, Lord. Thank you for always giving me hope.

You gave me the gift of a future. After months of waiting for Your perfect timing, amidst all the frustrations and waiting, an opportunity finally arose. You gave me a career where I knew I would thrive and grow into the person I’ve always dreamed of becoming. Thank you for pushing me into a career path that is directly proportional to Your will and Your purpose for my life, Lord.

You gave me the gift of friendship. For so long, I have prayed to gain friends that would align my growth towards what you call me to be. I have prayed for so long for friends to have coffee with, to go to church with, to help strengthen my relationship with You. You work in the most intricate of places possible, and yet You always answer my prayers. Thank you for giving me equally yolked friendships, Lord.

Thank you for your blessings this year, God. I got more than what I prayed for and I am eternally grateful. You truly are so good, and You gave me more than I ever expected. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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