The Mundane Moments Are The Most Beautiful Of All

I used to think that the highlights of being in love were those moments that brought out the best in you and those moments that made you fall in love with the world and being alive simultaneously. And while these are amazing things to feel, you come to realize that the mundane moments are the ones that top everything.

It’s the raw and honest moments that you remember the most. It’s not the fancy dinner dates or days where you look your best that you remember for the rest of your life. The most extraordinary moments are found when you’re not even trying, when you’re in your most vulnerable state and you have absolutely no walls.

It’s in that awkward first kiss in the moonlight, where anxious hearts are calmed when they pull you close and suddenly the world stops moving.

It’s when you’re both lying in your bedroom, laughing at completely nonsense, and you wish more than anything that time was something you could control.

It’s in the way they look at you and you their eyes say everything that words never could.

It’s in the way they hold you when you’re crying and make you feel loved like never before.

It’s in the way you innocently want to feel their skin against yours.

It’s in the way you let them see you in your rawness and awkwardness, when you’re not even trying, and when you’re snuggled on the couch together, wondering if life could get any better.

It’s in the way they proclaim how much they love you with every kind of kiss, saying everything words fail to show.

Because here’s the real truth– real love doesn’t meet you at your best. Real love doesn’t find you when you have your walls up and you’re trying to harden your heart in fear of getting hurt. Real love shows up unexpectedly. It shows on your front step after a really huge fight, making you realize that you’ve already fallen in love with them. It shows every time your chest aches at the thought of losing them, of not being able to spend the rest of your forever with them. It shows by choosing them and staying with them because you could see no other alternative other than a life with them in the picture. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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