The Real Definition Of A Strong Individual

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Being strong isn’t the absence of fear and constantly having your life together. The world thinks that in order to be strong, you must not let your feelings get in the way of your priorities. I think it’s the other way around — there is so much courage and bravery in letting yourself feel.

There is strength in letting yourself fall in love again after you’ve gone through a toxic relationship.

There is strength in getting back up and fighting the world after being beaten down over and over again.

There is strength in going after your passion, despite the world shoving your dreams down until you eventually lost hope.

There is strength in starting over and letting down your walls for someone, even if you’re scared to get hurt again.

There is strength in imagining a future with somebody else, despite how that turned out the last time you did.

There is strength in choosing yourself and loving yourself after everything you’ve been through.

There is strength in seeing the beauty of the world, despite the ugly parts you’ve seen and experienced.

There is strength in walking away from a relationship if you feel in your gut it isn’t right.

There is strength in going after the career you’ve always wanted, even if it means starting over.

There is strength is saying “NO” to things that are toxic to you, to things that use and manipulate you, and there is strength to saying “YES” to things that empower you and make you remember your purpose in this world.

There is strength is letting yourself be vulnerable and losing control.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to just harden your heart in a world that’s already cruel enough on it’s own. A strong person is the one who’s brave enough to soften their heart because they know that’s what the world deserves. It’s not about having power and telling everyone what to do. It’s not even about being to the point of no return. That’s not strength but rather a weakness because you’re putting up a facade of what you want people to perceive you as.

A strong person has survived a past that felt like hell and still manages to love with everything they’ve got. A strong person still has the capacity to think that this world is full of beauty, wonder and so much miracles. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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