You Deserve To Fall In Love With A Godly Man

When it comes to dating, the lines can be so blurred between what the actual definition of love is. As a Christian, it gets even harder because our standards are not worldly that some would call us insane. The world romanticizes love and relationships so much that most of the time, we’re actually just in love with the idea of it and how it makes us feel. We have all these books and movies telling us how love should feel and that ‘effort’ is a guy giving you sunflowers for no apparent reason and that ‘intimacy’ is just having sex with someone.

But you deserve a guy that loves God more than you and more than anything in this world. You deserve someone who is willing to listen to you rant about all your questions about the Bible and is going to discuss his thoughts with you, helping you understand the Word of God better.

You deserve someone who is going to go to church with you and draw you even closer to God, not further away from Him. You deserve not a worldly relationship, but a Christian one.

You deserve a guy that has all these values that are rooted from the Bible and this makes you love him even more because you know that shared values and beliefs are more important than anything in this world.

You deserve someone who knows how to love you and how to treat you right because a Godly man will love you in a way unlike you’ve ever seen before.

A man who loves God will be selfless in his love towards you. He will be slow with anger with you, even in the most heated of arguments. He will bring out the best in you and there won’t be any unhealthy anxiety because unlike any toxic relationship before, this relationship has God in its center.

This is a relationship that is going to make you the happiest you’ve ever been, but that’s not to say that there won’t be any struggle. A Godly man will always choose to love you and will never decide one day that he isn’t in love with you anymore because he’ll know that love is not based on just emotions. He will be both your best friend and your lover and he will make you laugh so much until you can’t catch your breath and you’ll also be having healthy debates about everything and anything you could think about, including questions on the Word of God.

He won’t spoil you with material gifts because he knows that love isn’t based on the gifts you give someone you love. Instead, he’ll spoil you with chivalry and he’ll ask you out for dinner instead because he knows how much you love deep and intellectual conversations.

This is what love is supposed to feel like. This is what you should be waiting for because this is the kind of man that God has planned for you. TC mark

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