These Are The 8 Traits Of A Truly Healthy Relationship

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1. Boundaries are important in every relationship. You have to still be your own person even outside the relationship. More often than not, it’s the women that lose their individuality altogether when in a relationship. You have to be very careful to not let this happen or else, you’ll never be truly happy.

2. Motivate each other to be your best selves. I cannot stress this enough, but fights and drama can drain the hell out of relationships. As much as possible, avoid the drama and discuss things in a constructive manner rather than in an argumentative one. Find things that motivate you and support each other the best way you can.

3. Like point number one, you have to have your separate alone times. Give each other space to miss each other. Being away from each other gives you time for your hobbies, friends, and your family. It also gives you a lot of things to talk during dates when you do choose to meet up again. And most importantly, it gives you time to recharge to feel in control of yourself and be able to love your partner right.

4. Always respect and trust each other. Respect is easily lost by yelling at each other, or putting the other down when you’re at the peak of your anger, or cursing at them when they annoy the hell out of you. Don’t. That’s exactly how you lose them.

5. Please don’t ever take your partner for granted. Just because they have such a good heart and would genuinely go out of their way to see you, it doesn’t mean they’ll always stay. People get fed up, even the people that love you the most. The least you can do is appreciate the things they do for you, even if you may not reciprocate it right away.

6. Communicate. And I don’t just mean text them every day. Communicate about the real shit that goes in your head when you can’t sleep at night. Tell them what bothers you about your relationship. They’re supposed to be your best friend, too. Tell them everything so you can fix things together, as a team, before things fall out of hand without them even knowing about the problem.

7. When you do spend time together, focus on nothing but them. Put your phone on airplane mode for a while. It makes a person just more attractive when they actually listen to you and have your whole undivided attention.

8. Last but not the least, love them with your entire heart and be slow with anger. The best way you can love them right is just to be their light when darkness is consuming them. And above all else, always choose to be patient and kind with them. TC mark

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