You Don’t Need A Ted Mosby, You Need A Marshall

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How I Met Your Mother

For all those who have watched How I Met Your Mother, we all know Ted Mosby. He is almost every girl’s dream. He’s the most hopeless romantic of his entire friend group. The plot of almost the entire show revolves around how he met the love of his love and how every single moment of his life led to her.

While a fictional character, Ted Mosby is the most romantic character out of everyone. Through every heartbreak, he constantly believed that the person meant for him is out there, somewhere. He’s the kind of guy who would be willing to put in the effort for the person that he loves. He loves and loves and loves, even if it meant getting his heart repeatedly thrashed and destroyed in the process. He is an amazing character and someone who you could easily fall in love with if you found your Ted Mosby in real life.

However, maybe it’s not about finding your Ted Mosby but rather finding your Marshall instead. Marshall met the love of his life, his best friend, and his wife in college. He is the kind of guy who would do literally anything if it made his wife, Lily, happy. He adores her with all of his heart and loves her with his entire being, and I know that deep inside, this is the kind of love we all want to have. Despite Lily leaving him for personal reasons, he still took her back and this is proof that you can’t just forget a love as real as theirs. He believed in her and supported her dreams, no matter how irrational they were. And the best part is, she was also his best friend. Marshall loved Lily in the best way possible, spoiling her with endless kisses and anything to make her feel loved, while also being a best friend and partner in crime. He tells Lily everything, literally everything. His thoughts, even the bad ones, he would tell her and she would constantly listen. They had a marriage that was so full of trust and communication, which made them compatible in almost every way possible. 

Maybe we’ve been so blinded as to want a Ted Mosby in real life when we’ve overlooked someone who has just loved one girl his entire life and constantly made her feel loved, even throughout their marriage. All this time, maybe we should have been looking for someone who loves you in the best way possible and would never think of doing anything to hurt you. Marshall always believed Lily was the only girl for him and even through every fight and misunderstanding, he chose her over anything else. I know it’s just a show, but maybe this is the kind of guy we’ve all been looking for. Someone you never expected to come but does their best not to hurt you in any way because they, too, get hurt when you get hurt. Choose a Marshall because throughout every girl he saw in his life, he always chose Lily.

We all deserve a guy who would do anything to spend the rest of his life with you. This isn’t a Ted Mosby trait but rather, a Marshall.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’re already with your Marshall.

And if you’re luckier, he’s your best friend as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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