Being A Feminist Doesn’t Mean The End Of Chivalry

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We all want to fight for equality and if you’re a feminist, people almost always assume that you hate men, or you don’t like chivalry things in relationship which is not really the case.

Feminism is generally defined as an advocacy of equal rights, not just something focusing on women’s right. But people often think that if you’re a feminist, you’re a hard person to love. It may be because you have all these “standards” that you refuse to adjust for or it may be just because you’re the kind of person who fights for what they believe in. Whatever it is, I hope you know that being a feminist doesn’t make you hard to love.

Believing in equality doesn’t make you hard to love – it makes you greater to love, for fighting what you believe in. Alongside this, believing in equality doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have to expect acts of chivalry from men because despite what you believe in, you deserve to be treated right. Every once in a while, it would always feel amazing for someone to open doors for you and to hold the small of your back when crossing streets. Contrary to what they say, chivalry is never dead. I hope you learn to balance the art of believing in equality and still being treated the way you deserve and I hope you give them the chance to love you the best that they can.

You’ve been so strong for so long that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be treated like a queen, that it scares you to the very brim of your existence.

You have to let yourself feel.

You have to let yourself be human.

Just because you’re so strong all the time, it doesn’t mean you should shut off love from your life because sometimes, love just comes once in a lifetime. Fighting for what you believe in doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Courage and strength doesn’t come from depending on yourself all the time. Real bravery comes from letting yourself feel human emotions and knowing that you’re worth being paid for on a first date and opening car doors for.

Being a feminist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let people love you and treat you right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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