This Is How I Love You In Colors

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Orange is what I felt when we were both laughing at the most serious moment during a silent classroom lecture. You gave me friendship. You were the one person I could trust to help me carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, and that meant everything to me.

Yellow is when it hit me that you were the first person I long for the moment I enter a room. With the same color as the sun, you lead me back to the light when I become so consumed by the demons of my darkness.

Pink is when I realized that I was on the verge of falling in love with you. Your laugh was enough to make me smile for an entire day. It was a constant war between my mind and my heart, knowing that completely everything was at risk.

Red, burning red is when I was completely and irrevocably in love with you. Red consumed me in moments of desire when I wanted nothing but to both get lost and find myself in your kiss. This was the color I saw when I realized that I wanted to spend my entire future with you; I wanted to marry my best friend. You showed me that indeed, there is bravery in falling in love.

Blue is what I felt as I knew that courage never had anything to do with having your walls up, because love is being brave enough to put all your walls down, for them. I could be myself around you, and to be in a world that tries its best to make you ashamed of who you truly are, I love people who accept you for you-you are, flawed and all. I loved you even more for that.

White is the most overwhelming thing I ever felt; I knew that I loved you with a love so pure that it knocked or all the remaining fear I had left about us. I knew that real love is all about vulnerability and you gave me that until the very end. You were the kind of person who would come in my life only to make me realize I never needed my walls in the first place. TC mark

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