When You Let Love In It’ll Forever Change You

Joanna Nix

The moment you decide to love someone and let them be a part of your world your life has changed forever.

And the moment that it’s suddenly over with no warning is when extreme heartbreak is when extreme heartbreak hits.

It is never over when the love you had was real.
You wake up the next day with your heart heavy, sore from crying over them.

You try your best to move forward and continue living your life without them.

You do everything to distract yourself from missing them.

You write all the pain away until your fingers are sore.

You run the farthest you have ever run before as if trying to run from the fact that you still love them.

You turn your music as loud as you possibly can until it blocks every thought and every memory.

You drink as many shots of tequila as if it could erase those nights where you long for their arms around yours that you used to call home.

You do everything to forget that you ever loved them when you know that you always will.

Suddenly, you’re with your friends and they’re all laughing and you should be too but you can’t.

All you feel like doing is crying

All you feel like doing is running towards them and tell them one last time how much you love them.

All you feel like doing is wearing all their clothes so it feels like you’re still with them.

Because how could it happen, that the love of your life and the person that you were going to marry is just gone?

How could it happen that the future that you were promised would suddenly be gone and it’s over between the two of you?

There is no pain greater than losing someone you were supposed to say your vows to.

It is never over.

Don’t ever take love for granted. Love is always going to be worth taking a risk for. There are all kinds of love in this world but there will always be one specific kind of love that will stick with you.

Intense. Confusing. Fights. Anger. Regret. Lazy Sundays. Afternoon lunched.

The greatest kind of love you will have ever felt

Don’t ever let go of that kind of love because it’s the kind that you only get to find once in a lifetime. It’s the kind of love that most people go searching their whole lives for. Don’t ever take them go, no matter how the odds are stacked against you.

Because I promise you, you will regret it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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