When You Don't Feel Worthy, Remember This

When You Don’t Feel Worthy, Remember This

You are a masterpiece.
You have a beating heart that thrives to fit in to this world.
You have endured enough despair and heartbreak that makes you crave for a love that would finally stay.
You have a deep sense of longing for yourself, wondering when you will ever be enough for the world and for yourself.
You have scars within you to prove that you have fought and that you are still alive.
You have demons in your head that come out at night, appearing to fight any form of light that comes through you, making you doubt if good could ever conquer evil.
You have lived in a world that breathes fire and is constantly burning you alive, finding ways to extinguish the fire inside you.
You have eyes that have chosen to see so much beauty in a world that is full of chaos and destruction.
You have hands that have touched the purest and kindest of hearts along with the most damaged and broken of souls, attempting to save the lost.

You are not a waste of space.
You are not an unfinished sentence, waiting around for people to complete you.
You are not the ghosts of your past, haunting you with every regret and mistake you have ever had and done.
You are not sand to be stepped over just by the mediocre people of this world.
You are not glass waiting for someone to destroy you through the most vulnerable of emotions.
You are not mundane.
You have a wild fire inside you, waiting to be released.

You are the most exquisite form of art that anyone would be lucky enough to stare at.
You are the perfect combination of paragraphs and sentences inked on paper to complete a beautiful novel.
You are someone’s definition of euphoria as the sky explodes with the most vibrant of emotions as he professes his love for the ocean and together, it forms a beautiful disaster.
You are the intensity of the depth of the ocean that not everyone would be able to comprehend.
You have the wings of an eagle, desperate to go somewhere, anywhere at all, just to get away from the cruelty and injustice of the world.
You have galaxies inside you that contain the mysteries of the world.
You are human. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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