I’d Rather Kiss A Few Frogs Than Wait For Prince Charming

Shutterstock / Tom Reichner
Shutterstock / Tom Reichner

I’ve been brought up believing in fairytales, of princes and princesses. I’ve dreamt all my childhood of what it’s like once I found ‘love.’ The love that sweeps you off your feet, the love that makes your heart skip a beat, and turns your world upside down. The love that makes you want to beat the odds, ride his white horse and dash away into that happily ever after. Well, I guess dreams are just dreams unless you do something about it.

Waiting for someone you don’t even know when will arrive is like waiting for a meal you haven’t ordered. It’s not going happen if you refuse to do something about it. A matchstick isn’t going to light itself. I’ve been so used to pulling back that I no longer know how to push, how to begin, how to try.

I became distant and independent because somehow, I believed that “someday my prince will come” and other bullshit I’ve been watching on TV (eg. Romcoms. Sorry!). I know a lot of women may beg to differ, but I do know that there’s still a percentage of us who actually do try and wait.

Wait for what? A miracle. A sign. A gesture. A prayer. A star. A ride. ANYTHING. Anything that would give us a hint of hope in just waiting for an arrival. An arrival of something so magical, so extremely powerful, that would lead us to believe that we can achieve the most important measurement of living: Happiness.

I remember the first time I’ve read the story “The Frog Prince”, which I borrowed from the library. I hated it because the original story was the princess deceived the frog for a chance to get her plaything back from the water. That’s kind of cruel, but I realized something that some might have missed from the story. The princess was cruel, but she gave the frog something that was denied from men these days—a chance.

Prince charming isn’t going to come and sweep you off your feet. He isn’t going to say the right words to make your heart skip a beat. He’s not going to be able to turn your world upside down. He’s not going to find you UNLESS you want him to. Unless you go out there and find him, too. Unless, you give a chance. And along the way, you’re going to meet frogs.

A lot, maybe tons of frogs. And you will kiss them, hoping that they’d turn into the prince you’ve always wanted them to be. Because, kissing a few frogs has a better chance of turning one into a prince, than wait and sleep because he’s a hundred years too late. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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