I’m Not Afraid To Love You

Mateus Lunardi Dutra
Mateus Lunardi Dutra

I met you in the midst of an emotional disaster, one that has changed everything I ever thought about love, at least that’s what I thought. I got married young and before I knew it the love my husband and I had was spiraling downward through streams of hurtful words, accusations, and abuse. I mentally ran as far as I could, I hadn’t talked to my husband in four months when I met you. My divorce was almost final and I was surprisingly ready to meet someone, I guess that’s why I took to you so easily. I had seen you around and was so interested in the way you carried yourself and I wanted to listen to everything you had to say. I wanted to know how you felt about love and life and everything. I loved that after one night I felt I couldn’t get enough. You warned me that you’re a runner and I told you that I wasn’t scared, and I’m still not. I’m afraid of what I might miss if we don’t share every adventure. I’m afraid that you will fall for me and feel the need to run and that it’ll hurt you more than staying and that you won’t understand that until you’ve already run to far. You told me you want me to never let you run only because you know it’s going to happen. I promise I’ll fight like hell to show you that running is scarier then loving. I’ve spent my whole life on the run and scared and I thank my failed marriage for making me not scared of anything especially not love. I’m not afraid of getting my heart broken anymore and I want to show you that you don’t have to be afraid either even if you realize it after you’ve run. TC mark


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