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10 Ways To Stay Grateful Even When The World Is Falling Apart

Adulting is hard! In addition to worrying about paying the bills to keep the electricity on and feeding your kids, we are now in the middle of a global health crisis. It takes a lot of mental stamina to push through the tumultuous world we live in today. Some days can be overwhelming. If you need to, go ahead and scream into a pillow. Then come back and try these 10 things to stay grateful and grounded amidst the chaos.

1. Do something that brings a smile to your face.

Wondering what the deal is with slime? Go ahead and poke at it. It’s super satisfying. Think it might be fun to play with kinetic sand? DO IT. Don’t worry about doing things that might make you look silly. It’s time to stop caring about outward appearances and release your inner child.

2. Brew yourself some tea.

Sometimes just the ritual of making tea can be very calming and meditative. You sit as the warmth seeps through your favorite cup, reminding you that you have access to clean, drinkable water and a fancy cup.

3. Find something that reminds you of a beautiful place you’ve visited.

This one may be difficult, because it might also hit you with a pang of wanderlust, but it’s important to keep in mind how fortunate you were to be able to have traveled to that place and seen what you did. You now have those beautiful memories to look back fondly on. It’s also something to look forward to in the future.

4. Write a note to someone you are grateful for.

Everyone wants to be someone’s somebody. Make their day and write them a heartfelt note. Express everything that you would normally say or do in person but can’t right now. Tell them how it feels to hug them tightly. Tell them how you miss their intense gaze when they’re listening to you intently. Tell them how much they mean to you!

5. Put on your favorite socks.

Don’t underestimate how good a pair of socks can make you feel. Have you ever tried to work from home with freezing cold feet? You just keep adjusting during conference calls to keep one foot tucked under your butt the whole time to avoid having to get up and grab a pair. Don’t be lazy. It’s worth the trip especially since “work” is only a few feet away.

6. Meditate.

Such an underrated way to silence all the millions of things ricocheting in your brain and hone in on what matters. Focus on calming breaths. Sometimes it helps to have soft music on. Maybe light some candles. Don’t get frustrated if this is hard at first. It takes practice.

7. Read.

How often do you get to sink into a good book that just totally makes you lose track of time and space? Think about what a luxury it is to be able to slip away from the turmoil of everyday life. What a blessing it is both to have something that captures your fancy and you to be able to behold it.

8. Move your body.

Lean in to your desire to move. Move as you awaken in the morning. Move when you make breakfast. Move to the music of your own personal soundtrack because you have a body and it’s glorious!

9. Eat your favorite food.

If your favorite food is something you make, wonderful—make it and enjoy it! If your favorite food is something you buy, get it and enjoy it. Do not wait for someday. Do it today. Some of my favorite restaurants closed this year and I fear I will never get over it.

10. Give yourself a big hug.

Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze tightly. Did you feel that? It’s your strength hugging you back. Remember that you have everything you need all within that body of yours. Those arms are capable of moving mountains. Believe that you can.

Manifesting love and light.

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