People’s Reaction To Who You Are Has Nothing To Do With You

Teymur Gahramanov

… it’s about THEM, not you.

Everyone comes to the table with their own story. They live and breathe their story everyday and when your worlds collide, they will always react to you from that place deep within their story. It is very difficult for them to get outside their story and show up differently.

But here’s the deal… Their story is NOT your story. So even though they might be reacting to you (or something you’ve done), you are NOT responsible for their reactions. They are. 

But it’s hard to remember that when someone’s losing it with you! Just remember that people can only respond from their own experience (their own story) and it’s very possible that THAT might not match your experience. And that has to be OK.

People live and die by their stories. But their stories don’t have to become yours. What you buy into is yours. If their story doesn’t match yours, don’t buy into it. Smile and walk away. You don’t need to be a pawn in their story. Their reactions to you are never about you — but you can always make them about you. But why would you do that? Don’t you have enough work managing your own story? Keep your stories separate and you’ll never again be confused by other’s reactions to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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