Find Comfort Within The Discomfort

Ihor Malytskyi

โ€ฆ and it will soon become comfortable.

Resisting โ€œwhat isโ€ makes things difficult. Making peace with the discomfort opens up opportunities.

We are comfort-seeking creatures. We would like everything to be easy and pleasurable, but life doesnโ€™t always work that way.

When discomfort arises, we always have 2 choices: we can either RESIST IT and PUSH AGAINST IT or we can learn to LET IT PASS THROUGH US and DETACH FROM IT. We want to learn to transform the discomfort, not feed it.

Think about it โ€” hitting your head on the wall over and over again only gives you a headache; it doesnโ€™t move the wall. Learn to step back from the wall, take a breath and open your eyes, you might just realize that there is a way to WALK AROUND THE WALL. Not everything has to be difficult. Resistance increases your frustration, but acceptance allows you to find new alternatives.

Learn to be comfortable within the discomfort and youโ€™ll transform it. Continue to focus on the frustration of the discomfort and youโ€™ll create more of it. Life is not always going to bring you roses, but that doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t find joy in the rest of your garden. How comfortable are you in your life? TC mark


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