Sincerest Letter To The Man Who Will Be Loving Me In The Future

Jeffrey Young
Jeffrey Young

This is least I can do- to provide warning- because loving me is like loving the rain together with the flood it might bring. I want to save you from drowning, but never will I stop you if you can deal with the worst downpour.

To the man who will be loving me in the future, please handle my heart with most caution. It has been shattered, played, and torn into pieces. It is still working but is so much delicate than before. It has already healed, but the scars are still visible.

Please understand that it might take years before you get the trust I’ve given before. Please understand if the issues of yesterdays will still give me the reason not to feel good for days. Please understand that I am in the midst of finding the courage to fall in love again. There will be days of doubting. There will be days of deafening silence. There will be days of not wanting to see the world. I want you to know that behind the strong-willed woman is a girl who went through hell just to conquer the pain of a broken heart.

Loving me is not easy and will never be. I am a volcano just waiting to erupt. The aftermath might be dreadful at first but the beauty awaits just as time passes by.

I am made of thunders and lightning. And if you can’t deal with the rain, never expect for the beauty of a rainbow.

These are the things I want you to know. This will be tough but I am with you in this journey. I might be hard to love but I am worth the fight. I promise to love you even when all else fails. I promise to be with you battling the hardest struggles. I promise to not give up as long as you want me to.

Lastly, there is something I like you to not forget: If you are willing to handle the worst of me, I am more than willing to let you see the best of me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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