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You Won’t Believe Me, But I Met ‘Death’ Two Weeks Ago

Be careful what you wish for, especially when the Grim Reaper is around.

After breaking into a funeral home at 2 in the morning, and having to knock out the director, I managed to get the hand.

The deer’s blood was easier, I know a few hunters and through enough bribing, they got me the pint.

The most heartbreaking was the last one. After a trip to the local shelter I got my last ingredient. I found it hard to do, but I kept telling myself that it was all for my brother.


After I had all of the ingredients, I started the “ceremony.” I had to make a circle with the blood, use measurements so I could put the hand directly in the middle of the circle, and put the tongue in the hand. To finish it off, I had to set the tongue and hand on fire. I did this all out on my concrete patio. We have a huge fence and my parents were on vacation, so it was easy to get through.

I waited a couple minutes dealing with the horrible smell, but nothing happened. I started to laugh at myself over how stupid I was thinking that it would’ve work. I stepped towards the circle, intent on putting the fire out, but as I reached it, I collapsed.


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