The New Gods Of Central New York

“God may be missing, but his power is alive and well.”
Shutterstock / Viorel Sima
Shutterstock / Viorel Sima

Around the end of March, I was doing some spring cleaning. I was in my kitchen figuring out what things I could throw out when I heard a knock at the door. I yelled out that I’d be right there, and headed out of the kitchen and into the main foyer.

When I opened my door I saw two guys, I’d guess somewhere between 19- and 21-years-old standing on my porch. One had long wavy black hair, and the other had a buzz cut. The one with long hair was pretty built, but the other was really lanky. They were both dressed up pretty nicely and held bibles in their arms.

“Jehovah’s witnesses?” I asked them.

“Not exactly,” the man with the long hair said. “We are a part of the local New God organization. Do you have a minute to talk?”

Now, I don’t let just anyone in my house, but I believe I have a good “moral detector,” so I invited the guys in. They didn’t even ask for anything when they sat down on the couch.

“So…give me the pitch!” I said, chuckling.

The man with the buzz cut sat up, his skin looked really pale compared to his partner.


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