My Parents Let Me In On The Terrifying Secret That's Been Kept For Two Generations

My Parents Let Me In On The Terrifying Secret That’s Been Kept For Two Generations

My dad cleared his throat. “Well after I roped off the maze, I went to check out Tommy.” He cleared his throat again. “I used these shears to cut the rope that was holding him up there, and placed them both behind me. I checked to see if the cross was loose when I felt something cut into the back of my shirt. I instinctively jumped forward and I hear a light crash behind me. Tommy was on the ground, but closer to me, but I couldn’t find the shears. I assumed that someone else was in the maze and tried to hurt me, so I picked up Tommy and ran towards the exit. But right before I got out, I heard something come from inside Tommy…it was a voice. What did he say…Lake? Grime? Lake Grime?

“No… was it Lacrime?” I asked him.

“Uh wow, yeah actually, that’s it. When I heard that voice say it, I pretended like I didn’t hear anything and I locked him up in the shed.”

I sat waiting for them both to start laughing, but instead I looked at my father, this big guy who I had always looked at like a superhero, holding back tears. I started to say something, but we heard light footsteps in the front foyer. My dad snatched up his gun and ran towards the sound. Before my dad even left the living room, I heard the front door open and slam shut. I followed my dad. Of course, when we got there, nothing was outside.

The rest of that night was uneventful. But it dawned on me that if Tommy had ran out the front, he must’ve seen the parking pass sticker for my college on my window. I was worried the next day when I got back to school, Tommy would be waiting for me.

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