36 Little Moments You Should Make The Most Of While You’re In College

More often than not, most university students tend to always think ahead and get sucked into this whirlpool of anxiety and nervousness about what really lies in the future. While it’s not bad to think about what the future has in store, most of us often forget to live in the now. So instead of worrying too much, here are some little, mundane events that will remind you to enjoy and reminisce while spending your time in your future Alma Mater.

1. Waking up exactly at the same time as your alarm rings.

2. Waking up before your alarm rings.

3. Being on time for class.

4. Being late for class but the professor is tardier than you.

5. Not being in the mood to go to class, then receiving an email that that class is cancelled for the day.

6. Finding a good spot in the library.

7. Finding a vacant spot in the classroom near a plug for your gadget.

8. Finding a good study spot in a café (with a soft couch and a plug).

9. Not forgetting your umbrella or coat when it starts to rain on campus.

10. Having an umbrella or a coat for when it starts to rain on campus.

11. Passing your homework exactly at 11:59 p.m. of the due date.

12. Passing your homework way before 11:59 p.m. of the due date.

13. Experiencing the luxury of being able to take a nap.

14. Experiencing the luxury of being able to complete 8 hours (or more!) of sleep.

15. Piecing together a cute outfit just in time before your first class.

16. Piecing together actual clothes just in time for your first class.

17. Receiving unexpected packages (e.g. surprise postal mail, online shopping you forgot about, etc).

18. Having the same break time as your peers or actual friends.

19. Having friends to eat lunch with.

20. Having friends to study with.

21. Having friends.

22. Finding a club or organization where you can showcase your interests.

23. Getting a strong internet connection when cramming for a paper.

24. When the printer doesn’t jam when you’re in a hurry to pass that requirement.

25. When the topics you studied appear in the exam.

26. Getting a high grade in an exam/quiz you studied for all night.

27. Getting a high grade in an exam quiz you forgot to study for.

28. Seeing you still have some spare change when you’re on a tight budget.

29. Seeing you still have some spare food in your pantry when you’re officially broke.

30. Seeing an ad for a part-time job that suits you when you need the extra bucks.

31. Seeing free stuff given by generous people in the hallways (be it food, shirts, coffee) during midterm or final exams week.

32. Seeing a free online version of that book you really need.

33. When your favorite food is included in the dining hall menu for the day.

34. Going out with friends.

35. Staying in alone to binge watch on Netflix or other TV shows or movies on a free weekend.

36. Living and experiencing each day closer and closer to your goal of graduating.

It is important to take note that this is not all university life has to offer. Now it’s your turn to decide how you’ll live in the moment and make the most out of this experience. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Thoughts are meant to be immortalised, so I’m writing them.

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