A Thank You Letter To All Of The Writers Out There

to all of the writers
Cathryn Lavery

Thank you for all the wee hours you spend in front of your table and write to express the opinions and notions which represent not just yours, but the opinions of so many people like me, as well. During the times I have waited for your stories, I already know it will be worth it.

Thank you for voicing out all the thoughts in my head that I know I would never ever be able to say out loud. You have been the voice of so many people like me who relate to your writings.

If it weren’t for you, less people would be able to understand what I am going through and I could not thank you enough for doing a magnificent job in portraying these emotions as if you experience them yourself. However, who knows whether this pleasure or pain you write about is how you truly feel? I only hope I would be given the chance to know if these words are real or that is just really how lucrative and effective you are in this field. Nevertheless, thank you because you could not have written it more accurately.

Thank you for your passion in this field. I hope you know that many people like me find you as an inspiration. Your love for what you do can be truly felt in each and every page of the books I hold when they are the only things that keep me company. Your books have been my only friend during those times when I felt so alone.

Thanks to them and thanks to you, I have felt as if it is you who has been my friend, too. My only wish is to be able to get back to you, someday. Because if it weren’t for you, this reality I have been dreading to face would have made me give up and end it a long time ago.

Thank you for all the stories you make, albeit fiction, which help me escape oftentimes when reality is too hard to face. You have taught me that there are moments when it is okay to be lost in a perfectly made-up world of heroes and heroines who also, in a way, has taught me a lesson or two which could help me as I face the real world again. The pieces of advice from the experiences of these characters are truly applicable.

If it weren’t for them, I could not be brave to take two steps closer to being ready as your stories conclude and here I am in the real life waiting for the new set of your writings again.

Thank you for giving me hope through the fabric of words you weave. Thank you for giving me courage through the intricate lines, stanzas and paragraphs you design. Thank you for giving me a will to live through the euphoric aura and nostalgic vibes that exude from everything you immortalise on paper.

If it weren’t for them, I could not have survived this life you always have had described as the ever-confusing labyrinth which although, many wants to escape from it, you have influenced so many people like me that life, indeed, is worthy to be experienced and endured.

That is why thank you; thank you for saving so many lives. Your words speak of the death people like me continue to experience every day, and that is what makes me want to stay alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Thoughts are meant to be immortalised, so I’m writing them.

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