10 Things You Should Know When You Date A Fangirl


1. She just really wants the little things. Despite the notion that she vies for someone who would buy her the her favorite band’s latest CD albums, she actually just wants you to be there whilst she listen to the songs of her favorite artists and bands.

2. However, concert tickets > posh restaurant rendezvous. If you really are willing to spend bucks to make her happy, then take her to an event which she will enjoy the most.

3. You don’t have to like her favorite bands. But she doesn’t want you to judge them and/or bash them either. These artists are a great part of her life and hating on them is big stab in her heart.

4. She won’t judge your fanboy tendencies. Whether it’d be about the latest FIFA game or the the latest win of your favorite NBA team, she is willing to accept it. After all, it quits. Just make sure to not let it come in between your bonding moments and she will do just the same with hers.

5. She spends most of her time on social media. She needs to update her fan Twitter and Instagram account daily (as much as possible). That doesn’t mean she won’t spend time with you, though. Think of it this way: if she can spend time on something like stalking her bae online, of course she’ll have more time to be with you.

6. She will always try for the both of you to resemble the couple she adores. Maybe an Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield love story minus the breaking up part. Stonefield is a cool ship, believe me (minus the breaking up part).

7. Her quirks make her emotions change drastically. If her favorite band is having a concert, cue in the squeals. Or if her favorite band splits up, then cue in heartbreak and tears. Either one or the other, you should be there to understand.

8. She is extremely passionate and loyal about the things she loves. That includes you. Now all you just need to do is return the favor.

9. Her first crush will always be [insert celebrity here]. In her head she may still dream of marrying this celebrity. You must be comfortable with this.

10. But still, you’re that vital piece of reality in her little fantasy. Her love has been always so deep for someone who doesn’t know she exists. What more for the guy who’s right there in front of her (AKA you)? I hope that counts as something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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