An Open Letter To My Broken Dreams

Isabell Winter
Isabell Winter

I’m sorry my parents find you as a risk not worthy to be taken. I’m sorry my colleagues don’t find you as something cool enough to achieve. I’m sorry my teachers’ view of you is something not as ‘big’ as what they have hoped for and expected from me. I’m sorry the society says you are something broken that my numskull mind has created and wishes to fulfill.

They may be right. Not much people would think of you, nowadays. Even I find you as a road or path less traveled. In a world where money is a great standard and ubiquitous basis of what everybody calls ‘success’, you may not be the best asset in accomplishing it. And yearning for you may be a lost cause one way or another.

They may be right. I would not be the world’s next multi-millionaire person by pursuing you. I would not be drowning in material things any time soon if I risk everything to get to you. But they may be wrong. With you, I am most free. With you, I could never express myself more. With every rhyme in poetry, with every word in prose, I create you. I create ART. And you are what I dream to do for the rest of my life.

Maybe these people may have a say about who and what I must be for a living. I may never understand how they can oppose something that makes me feel so alive yet I owe them this stage of my life. However, I won’t accept if they dare judge your worth. As far as you are concerned, who are they to conclude, that you, my dream is broken and a lost cause?

So here I am, fighting for the one I love. Here I am, choosing this. Here I am, choosing you.

So, I continue to take the path that leads to you. Behind me is my own shadow that walks with me. The only thing that keeps me alive is the beating of my heart. The heart that beats of every word and rhyme for you. I know as I walk down the less traveled road towards you, something out there is waiting and somebody out there is also pursuing the same, less traveled path I’m taking. I know there are others like me who feel this way.

So I forget everyone who tells and insists that you are not worthwhile of my precious time. I ignore everyone who says all my efforts in primary and secondary school are all thrown down the waste bin because I chose to follow the path that would lead me to you.

Because I know that when I reach you, I will meet other people like me who used to feel this way because of the judgmental world we live in.

Until then, I walk alone.

But I know when I achieve you, everything will be worth it. I will be happy. I will be free. I will get to do what I truly want. I will earn enough (if not, more) for a living; because I love what I am doing.

And by the way, I would not bother fixing you either. After all, it is impossible to fix something which is not broken. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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