Read This If 2019 Is NOT Going To Be Your Year

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I am starting off the new year on a jubilant note. I am ushering in the last teen of the century with absolutely no expectations of an upswing. No new year, new me posts this 31st, thank you.

2019 is NOT going to be my year, and I couldn’t be happier!

No Goals, No Problems

By not setting pole-vault-esque goals for the next year, I am already ensuring I enter 2019 with lesser anxiety. For someone who overthinks a lot, this is a godsend since I can focus on doing on what I do, without having a benchmark to compare to all year.

This doesn’t mean aimless meandering through life. It just grounds me, knowing that the milestones of my life are not just another mark off a checklist I made to celebrate Earth’s revolution around its star.

I Can Be Myself All Year

Change is great.

Change for the sake of change, not so much. Change which is started by a drunken countdown — even worse.

There are moments in your life when you can see yourself from the outside, almost like an out-of-body experience. You can watch the scene playing out in front of you and often it leaves you shocked because you were simply playing off a script.

2019 will not begin with me prepping for those moments. There will be no hurriedly joined gym classes in January. No 4 a.m. mornings to turn my life around. No baking lessons or water drinking resolutions.

Because none of these affirmations should need a timer to start.

Change comes   when we are ready to change. I shall do some or all of these if I feel like it, and since 2019 is not my year, I don’t need to put pressure on January to be perfect.

I can start the change in May   and it will still be a win!

I Won’t End Up With Double Vision

When you put too many expectations on a single year to be your year, you start seeing things. Everything mundane thing is given undue significance and meaning — you see what you told yourself this year would show you. But in all the reading between the lines, you forget to just be present and watch.

By entering 2019 on an undramatic note, I will keep the reality glasses on and the foggy New Year’s Eve mindset away.

2019 can be itself, while I can be me.

It Helps Put Your Past Years In Perspective

By not putting 2019 on a pedestal of perfection, I am also able to think objectively about 2018 and all the years in the past. I don’t feel the urge to critique every little thing that went wayward this past year or to try to magically make them right in 2019.

I take my mistakes with humility and my successes with a grain of salt. It helps me accept how far I have come and how much my life has improved. It forces me to see that 2019 will not be a dreamland where things will be perfect. It brings me the peace that life can be good even when things aren’t going my way.

And the way probabilities work, it sets me up to be content with most of life’s moments!

Happy New Year! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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