I Don’t Believe In Soulmates, But I Do Believe In Souls Colliding


I don’t believe in soulmates. I do not believe that there is only one person in the world that can make you feel whole. That there is only one perfect complement to the person you have become. I don’t believe that only one person can give you happiness or make you feel beautiful and loved. I don’t believe only one person can motivate you to live tomorrow better than you did today, to save you from the demons that haunt you or to help you see the light in some of your darkest places.

But I do believe in souls colliding. I do believe that you can feel infinitely closer to someone you’ve known for hours compared to someone you’ve known for years. I do believe that some people can be closer to you through a look than with a kiss. I do believe that while your family is the foundation of your very being, your hand chosen family are the ones that compose your essence. I do believe that if you know what I’m talking about, no words are necessary. But if you don’t, nothing I can tell you can make you understand.

It’s like listening to your new favourite song with hundreds of people in the crowd all swaying to the same words that breathe air into your lungs. It’s like biting your nails on the sideline of a brisk November night, moments before you hear your team is moving onto the playoffs, and then the seconds thereafter. It’s like storming the dance floor with a family reunion, dancing the same moves to that song you all know. It’s like in those moments, everyone is infinitely closer and bound by those truly carnal feelings. In those moments of understanding, souls intertwine.

I don’t believe in soulmates, but I do believe in souls colliding. I believe in an understanding so great that all other connections are insignificant. I believe in an understanding so vast that enables you to accept yourself, and thus giving you the right to feel loved and beautiful in your own glory. I believe in an understanding so deep that simply being in someone’s presence, hearts beating in the same time, breaths breathing the same air, motivates you fight those demons that haunt you because they are there with you, currently fighting theirs.

I don’t believe in a single soulmate. I believe in multiple souls colliding. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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