This Is You Healing

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There are going to be days where you wake up with a heavy chest but all you feel is the void getting deeper within you.

That’s completely okay.

This is you healing.

Feeling and acknowledging what is happening around you.

Healing isn’t a ten pointer list of moving on when you hit the rock bottom, nor is it about undoing the past. It is not about deleting parts of you filled with them. It has never been about erasing the memories.

It’s about making peace with your pain. It is realizing that in this world of superficiality, where most of us are on a constant quest to keep ourselves numb from pain and life, you dove in deeper. You’ve been exceptionally strong to do that. You had something real, something beautiful which made your heart sing. Somebody mattered to you and probably you mattered to them too. You earned experiences and lessons that would last a lifetime, just right to serve you a wonderful

platter of memories to look back and smile on.

Healing is loosening the strings of control and embracing impermanence as much as you’d embrace certainty. It’s more about working towards a better you with this new wave of clarity than pricking yourself apart bits by bits trying to make sense of what went wrong.

Healing is looking within yourself, cleaning up the scars and the bruises but beware, never go for a band-aid fix; for healing is a process in itself. It is a constant process which exposes a part of you that you had never been in touch before, the parts which continue to glow even with their brokenness.

It’s about marveling your thought process. Acknowledging where and how the negativity sweeps in and making a conscious effort to replace it with wholesome positivity. It is about allowing yourself the freedom of time and space that you need to be at peace with the turmoil stirring inside.

Healing is giving life the permission to express itself in a thousand different colors of possibilities while you absorb in the most you can, savoring the creation of the masterpiece that you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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