12 Helpful Tips For Loving Your Extrovert

Dearest introverts, give the extroverts in your life a break — we’re just a bunch of misunderstood people who love “re-energizing in the company of others”.

For a group of people who are constantly claiming their love of alone time to “sit with their thoughts and gather their energy”, prefer reading books by the fire instead of “going out to raging parties” – you’re pretty damn loud. We hear you — we’re pretty proficient in the language of introvert actually. Lots of us extroverts actually spend a lot of time googling how to love our introverts, so here are 12 tips to loving your extrovert:

1. We hate the phrase “quiet time”

What is that? What does that even mean? In the mind of an extrovert that’s code for “you don’t love us and don’t want to spend time with us?” ….Why?

2. Extroverts read too

We just prefer to read while you’re sitting on the couch next to us instead of you know…in another house and we (constantly) want to tell you where we’re up to in the book.

3. There is no such thing as needing space

If we like you, we’ll spend Monday to Sunday with you. Three meals in one day? We’re down with that. Three-person couch? All I’m seeing here is a single chair that we all have to share…

4. We do down time, too

It just lasts for about 7 minutes and the whole time we’re texting you!

5. We can do silence

Refer to #3.

6. No really, we really do do down time

But when that happens – shit got real, bro. It’s not pretty, we’re down in the dumps and it’s a problem you probably don’t want to/can’t deal with.

7. We may not actually love meeting new people as much as you think we do

Being switched on all the time is exhausting. Especially when we’re in overdrive for the introvert who is too busy talking to the cat or whatever silly nonsense meme you’ve recently created.

8. Stop making us guilty for wanting to hang out

Yes yes, you’re friendly too and it’s so terrible that people (what people?) are making you feel guilty about wanting to just “spend some time with yourself”. We get it…you still love us but your “cup is empty” and you need “time to refill it”…”alone”. “It’s not that you don’t care it’s that you care too much…” We don’t get it, so just come hang out!

9. We love introverted methods of communication

Email, Texting, Facebook, Twitter – we love it… all at once…and all day.

10. One-on-one situations?

Cool, we love those! When are you free for one? But don’t sit there like a stunned mullet when we bump into someone else because it’s just something that might just happen. Or BYO cat.

11. We just like you

You’re a good person, right? So I’m a good judge of character. And despite the “gathering energy alone thing”, I’ve probably just made a great life choice in picking you, the introvert, to talk to. So just give me a chance — I won’t bite.

12. Just hug us!

Sometimes you should give us a hug (you know one of those, “hey extrovert, I know you’re trying and you confuse me with your love of company but here’s a hug that I probably am totally not comfortable giving you” hugs). We like those. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – That 70s Show

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