Giving Up And Moving

I believe cities are like life cycles.

They start with their birth and grow through the early stages of youth all the way to maturity. And then, they start deteriorating like an old man who starts experiencing health complications or at best general weariness. The cities slide down the slope until they eventually die like a drop of water in the lake.. They fade.

Cairo was on life support. It had reached a stage of elderliness; started experiencing organ failures- one after the other until it was paralyzed. The city was almost entering the afterlife stages that no one fully comprehends.

Cairo was barely breathing but no one wanted to let go of the greatness in its history and the personal memories under its sun. No one was ready to say goodbye. But no one also was ready to help. The people had given up and found more interesting things to hang on to and direct their focuses towards.

This is why I left Cairo and Egypt all together. This is why I moved. I also gave up. I was done with clinging to hope and I was ready to say my prayers and let it go to peace.

Dubai on the other hand is in its youth. It measures its pride in being the trade center of the Middle East, its financial hub and its district of design.

It leaves the world in awe with its innovation and rapid evolution. Dubai was born and raised so well from merely a baby wandering in its deserts to what it is now; the land of dreams.

But this is just where Dubai is on the cycle. Who knows how this city will change in the years to come?

Everything changes.

I do not know where I will go next. Like a trader I am watching the graphs, scanning peaks and drops of the curves… I will be wherever I see value I guess. But I can also stay in the same place or return home.

The trick is to find a city whose cycle matches yours. Where are you as a human being? How have you evolved? How fast is your pace? Are you still an innocent child learning the basics and the essentials of life? Or have you made meaning to your experience and grew up to your adolescence? Do you need the high energy? Are you ready for a vibrant life? Or the waves might still make you tremble? Have you had enough? Are you willing to chill and grow old enjoying a warm breeze and the scent of flowers? Or would you die of boredom?

Who are you? Where are you? Are you aligned?

Define your place on the axis of life and find a place that best fits your phase. It is ok to be young in heart but have wrinkly skin. It is ok to have lost interest in the middle of your youth. What is not ok is to be a young enthusiast who lives in dullness or the opposite; a calm brain covered with grey hair surrounded by dyed pink punks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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