There’s Someone Out There For You Who Makes Complete Sense

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

I can still remember waking up at 2 a.m. feeling all the heaviness from the inside as if anytime it would explode. I used to wonder why there was pain after pain and if it would ever end. For a long time, I even mistakenly thought that that’s just how love is. I stopped waiting for today, until it arrived, until you came.

I held on to people I thought would make me happy and now I thank them for setting me free.

True enough, sometimes, light demands darkness. If I haven’t been through it all, I wouldn’t have recognized you when you came. You love me in such a way that I never thought is possible, and more than I would ever deserve in this lifetime. You make me feel that, finally, I’m home.

There’s no denying how I always doubted your love. I feared it would fade and the magic would just go away. That’s probably why I always needed reassurance – which you unfailingly give without me asking. That’s just because the kind of love that fails is the kind of love I knew.

But it’s beautiful how after all this time, nothing has ever changed. You would still look at my face for a couple of seconds and tell me I’m beautiful. You untiringly tell me how lucky you are when in fact, I know in myself that I’m luckier. You took away all the doubts.

You make me feel at ease. Sure, there are days when it’s not easy, but you always hold me tight and tell me I no longer have to fight alone.

Now, it all makes sense. You showed me exactly how love should be. Love doesn’t have to hurt. You give me the kind of love so certain, I wouldn’t have to worry about tomorrow. I hope everyone gets to find someone like you in their life. I want them to have the love that they don’t believe in anymore. TC mark

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