10 Little Ways To Feel Absolutely Beautiful No Matter What

1. Love yourself.

Self love is not only healthy; it is something you can’t do without. To feel beautiful you must love yourself, that’s where it all begins. Love your hair, love your skin, love your eyes, and love everything about you enough to want to do whatever it takes to keep them healthy. How much you love yourself determines how much attention you give to your body.

Your body speaks and reacts. It can sense love and hate. When you love your body it responds to that love and shines through. One inevitable way to prove your love for yourself is by minding your health.

2. Mind your health.

What can be healthier than being healthy? Yes, that’s where feeling beautiful starts. Your health is far more important and no matter how much you diet, if it is not aimed at making you healthy, it’ll not make you feel beautiful. Eat, work, walk, and sleep healthy. Take care of your health and feeling beautiful will come naturally.

Even a beauty queen won’t feel beautiful on a sick bed; so, be deliberate about your health.

3. Mind your thoughts.

It is unhealthy to think yourself more beautiful or less beautiful that the next person. Why? Because there is no basis for comparison and you’re not only unique, you the only one of your kind.
Comparing yourself to others only brings out the ugliness in you because you’ll always see what they have that you don’t and vice versa.

Alternatively, think about yourself as a unique being. Focus on your strengths. Identify your flaws or things you’d like to improve about yourself.

4. Better yourself.

Striving to better yourself in any area of your life every day is a great way to feel beautiful again. It could be getting your nails done better or styling your hair differently, doing something about how you feel will definitely affect how you look. And this is healthy for you because you’re not in competition with anyone but your old self.

5. Mind your fashion taste.

Going way overboard to get expensive clothes, shoes and jewellery just to feel beautiful is not only unhealthy for you, but you’ll later find out they make you feel beautiful only after the first time you use them. Feeling good about yourself is not in how expensive your outfit is.

Learn to dress to feel confident. Nicely launder your favourite outfits, pair them up appropriately and watch yourself feeling beautiful again.

6. Mind what you say about you.

Words have creative powers. If you keep being pessimistic about your looks and actually go ahead to run yourself down by saying you’re ugly, feeling beautiful again might be almost impossible no matter your best effort. No, I’m not saying you should hype yourself, I’m saying speak about your strengths more than you do your weaknesses.

Tell yourself how cute you nose is or how much you love your lips. Whatever makes you feel cool about yourself, talk about them and let them be the centre of your discussion. Talking about your strengths isn’t pride, it’s simply showing your sense of self-worth.

7. Mind your routine.

Sometimes we begin to lose our minds when we keep doing the same things in the same ways and expecting different results. If you really want to feel beautiful again, you’ve got to change your routine. Don’t say “that’s how I’ve been doing it; I’m used to it already”. That right there is why you don’t feel beautiful again.

From styling your hair more frequently to going to see a game or a movie, changing your stereotypes is healthy and will make you feel beautiful again.

8. Mind your friends.

Your choice of friends matter and the sooner you realise that the quicker you’ll begin to feel beautiful again. Stay away or ignore the words of people who never see anything good about you. That way you make yourself immune to negativity and start to feel great about yourself.

Don’t let the toxic words friends and family sometimes spew get to you. No one can make you feel ugly except you permit them. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure by trying to meet the expectations of anyone but yourself.

.9. Mind what you are good at.

You can’t feel beautiful by doing something you dislike. Do what you are good at. From cooking excellent meals to writing brilliant essays, doing what you are good at is a healthy way to make you realise your worth. This consequently affects how beautiful you feel.

You could also do something different, like making a list of compliments you’ve received from others. That works.

10. Enjoy Yourself.

At the end of the day, you are as beautiful as you want to be. You can feel beautiful everyday by exploring yourself, reaching beyond limits and spending time in your happy place. Whatever works for you, do it but keep it healthy. No matter what, choose to be happy.

Happiness is beautiful, feeling happy is feeling beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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