The 15 Things You Shouldn’t Give Up When You Get In A Relationship

Twenty20 spooner
Twenty20 spooner

 1. Don’t give up your friends.

They stood by you before this person was in your life.

2. Don’t give up your family.

They put you in this world and hence, the reason you ever met this person.

3. Don’t give up your freedom.

Remember, love is not ownership. Without freedom, people become relationship prisoners and that’s when people want to break free.

4. Don’t give up your individuality.

That which makes you uniquely you. Enjoy your similarities but enjoy your differences as well. We don’t need two of the same person.

5. Don’t give up your hobbies.

These are the little things that bring you joy and connect you with that creative side. That joy and creativity is useful to maintain in your relationships.

6. Don’t give up your alone time.

That place that you go to collect your thoughts is important in the heat of an argument. Also, spending time apart from one another allows you create new exciting experiences in your relationship. Give them the pleasure of missing you.

7. Don’t give up on your aspirations.

You want to go to college, build a business, change the world? Do it. A person that makes you change your aspirations is not a person you want to be with.

8. Don’t give up your sense of style.

You can always upgrade it if you like, but if your style is converse and her style is heels, you wouldn’t start wearing heels would you? In other words: Be yourself.

9. Don’t give up your worth.

You were a beautiful human being before the relationship and you are a beautiful person in the relationship. Nobody is able to determine your worth other than you.

10. Don’t give up your responsibility.

Your problems are not magically lifted and placed on the other person now. Having challenges makes you grow as a human being. You want to grow don’t you?

11. Don’t give up your masculine or feminine essence.

If you are the masculine, keep that masculine energy. The feminine will lose respect for you if you go feminine. If you are feminine, keep that beautiful feminine radiance. The masculine will lose attraction for you if you go masculine.

12. Don’t give up your idea that love exists.

Some people will settle on a safe relationship rather than search for a loving relationship. Love exists. Just because you aren’t in a relationship where you experience that doesn’t mean you can’t have it in your life.

13. Don’t give up your forgiveness.

We all make mistakes. The ability to forgive someone’s wrongdoing is sexy. Don’t lose it. People already beat themselves up enough.

14. Don’t give up your happiness.

That’s what drew them to you in the first place. Nothing is sexier than a smile. It is better to be happy and single than it is to be miserable and in a relationship. Being happy in a relationship is pretty good too.

15. Don’t give up your curiosity.

This one emotional muscle will bring all the others back. Wonder how you can make the relationship stronger and more loving. Wonder about all the beautiful things that make this person unique.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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