5 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Heart Heal


This is the unsolicited advice that can serve as the Band-Aid for your wounded heart.

1. Admit to yourself that you are not okay.

You don’t have to go out into clubs every night just to remind yourself that you are wanted. You don’t have to smile at everyone and go through your day-to-day life like everything is all right. You don’t have to force yourself to dress up nicely just for people to believe that nothing affects you.

It’s okay to not be okay. We’re human, and we’re not perfect, so let yourself fall down because that is the first step of picking yourself back up.

2. Journal.

I know that you don’t have the words to express how you feel. And that’s okay. You don’t necessarily have to write poems in rhyme and verse. Instead just write. Write down anything that comes to mind. And from one word; your heart will open up through the pen in your hands.

The first time a boy broke my heart, I could only write one word: FLOWERS. The next day, I wrote: I wish you gave them to me. That night I added: But you gave them to her instead. And from that, I began writing paragraphs, essays, stories, suddenly, I realized that it only takes one word to open our hearts and have it pour out its pain.

3. Eat alone at a nice café

Sit by yourself and watch the other groups of people eating together. No, this doesn’t mean you’re lonely, it simply signifies that you’re okay with being alone. You do not need another person to talk to; instead, talk to yourself! Listen to your own thoughts; laugh at the jokes that your mind secretly comes up with.
Being alone and only worrying about yourself lets you focus on yourself. Because above everyone else, you’re the one who matters the most.

So cherish yourself. Your thoughts, your opinions, your well-being. Use this time to take care of yourself, because for so long, you have taken care of everyone else while no one was taking care of you.

4. Cut back on social media.

Deactivating your accounts can honestly reduce so much stress from your life. When you deactivate Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook, you can reactivate them in a month without completely deleting them. When you’re not on social media, you won’t see the (fake) posts of how happy and contented people are, therefore you’re not pressured to post things that will make you appear happy as well.

Not being on social media will also have people wondering where you are and what you’re doing. You’re far too amazing to need social reassurance from people online. You don’t need those likes and those favorites and those retweets to validate your worth.

5. Embrace everything.

Walk through life with open arms. Welcome every emotion and every little thing that life throws at you. Let it all come and love all of it. And yes, this means that you’re welcoming grief and sorrow, and doubt, and disappointment. But it also means that when love, and happiness, and joy, and wonder comes at you, you won’t simply let it pass by.

Embrace every emotion and let everything that you’re meant to feel be felt because these emotions are what makes you stronger, more beautiful, and ultimately, who you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Sometimes all you need to be immortal is good coffee, a blank sheet of paper, and a pen. I’m an author by day and a cat by night.

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