This is Why I Said Goodbye

Andrik Langfield Petrides

No, it wasn’t because you weren’t good enough for me.

Neither was it because my friends told me that I deserve better.

It doesn’t have anything to do with your reputation either.

It was because the first time you saw me, you said I was beautiful. It was because the last time you saw me, you called me perfect. If was because every time in between that, I believed you.

It was because at night when I take off my make up and let go of the handbag dangling on my arm, I am not beautiful. Neither am I perfect. I am a different girl.

It was because I was too afraid to let you meet her. Because if you saw her, you’d run. Because if you kissed her, you’d wash it away on other’s lips. Because if you met her, you’d say goodbye.

It was because you wouldn’t want a girl who isn’t beautiful, or perfect. It was because you wouldn’t want anyone who’s broken, damaged, who becomes someone else at night.

And THIS, this is why I said goodbye.
I simply said it before you could. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Sometimes all you need to be immortal is good coffee, a blank sheet of paper, and a pen. I’m an author by day and a cat by night.

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