For Those Who Always Love Too Much

Cristian Newman
Cristian Newman

We are those whose hearts wander. Our beating organ travels through hallways and oceans, looking for something to hold on to. We always have the need to supply those around us with what they need. Even if sometimes this means giving up everything we have. Even if sometimes this means that we end up with mud on our hands and blisters on our knees.

We are those whose minds never stop thinking. They say that over thinking is not healthy but we don’t just overthink, we excessively extremely totally overthink. We believe in metaphors. An empty room isn’t just an empty room. To us, it’s a representation of an empty soul, something that without people inside would be lonely. And a tear isn’t just a drop of clear salty liquid secreted from glands. To us, a tear is a symbol of the pain that not ice cream nor poetry can express, something so powerful the human will could not stop it from streaming down.

We are those whose hands have the strongest muscles because we always always always end up holding on too tight.

We are the ones who stay even if everyone else has left.

We are the ones who fight even when the war is over.

We are the ones who allow love to come back into the door even if it was love who left in the first place.

We are those who end up giving our pieces to replace those that love has lost.

We are the ones who end up losing ourselves in others.

We are those who end up with nothing because we give everything we have to the people we love.

It hurts doesn’t it?

That even though you gave your everything to someone, they still think it’s not enough.

And I guess that’s the curse of loving too much; it’s hard to find someone to love you just the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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