This Is How You Help The Girl Who’s Good At Hiding Her Pain

Brooke Cagle

She’s at her downfall right now. But no one knows it, no one will notice it. She won’t let everyone see her breaking apart. So she will laugh, joke around, smile and act like everything’s okay.

She will fool herself, you, and everyone else.

But look through her; stare at her deeply without her noticing, look at her even from the distance. And when her laughter subsides, you will see the true emotions she’s been hiding behind her eyes.

Remember, do not ever ask her in public how is she or if she’s okay. Because she dreaded that question and she will breakdown, believe me she will. Her tears that have been welling up inside will pour down and spill into your heart and there’s no way you can stop that. If she tells you to leave and tells you she’s fine, do not believe her, do not leave her just like that, and do not be deceived by her actions.

Go ahead and hold her hand

Hold it tightly until your hands moist with its sweat, do not ever let go of it. It will be her strength, that grip of yours will be her reason to stay strong.

Believe me, look into her eyes, the darkness beyond it will eat you, but do not ever give up, keep on looking for her real emotions

Tell her you’ll be there no matter how shitty it will get.

She will push you really hard, she will find ways for you to get tired of her, to get tired of all these anxieties and dramas she has. She will make you leave even if deep within her she hates what she’s doing, but she will continue anyway because she doesn’t want you to be bothered.

She will feel like a burden to you.

She will lay down a hundred reasons for you to leave her, but please, do not ever believe her. You know deep within you that you have a thousand of reasons to help her and you must stick with that, never leave her. Believe me, you can help her. [tc-mark

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