The Truth About Terrible Breakups And How To Actually Recover After One

Adi Constantin

Every breakup is difficult when you are the one who loved and weren’t loved back in return. And it hurts. It hurts as if your bones were broken all at once and your soul was tossed in a bonfire for the fun of everyone watching.

The worst part about breakups is that they take away your desire to live. You stop going out, you give up on everything that makes you happy and start pushing your friends and family away, because you need time to be alone and cry all your pain out. It is not easy to go back to your life and start all over again, when you have loved so truly and shared all your dreams, hopes and fears with the man who tore your heart apart.

But no matter how difficult it seems, you must get back on your feet. Because of everything you are and everything you deserve. And yes, you are right, it won’t be an overnight miracle.

Things in life don’t happen this way. You will need to focus all your efforts and your will in order to succeed. And it is normal to have inner resistance. It is normal to want him back rather than continuing on your own. But guess what? You can be your own rainbow after the storm. You can stand up, look into your own eyes and start your fight now. Deal with it now. Because this is your only way out.

Fill your time with different activities.

Do sports, paint, write, dance, sing. Challenge yourself to be stronger than your pain and smile in its face, even if it has to be through tears. Smile regardless of what life throws at you.

Start seeing your friends again.

And if you have the need, share your feelings – because “shared pain is half the pain”. And this is what true friends do, right? – They support us in both good and bad. They lend us their shoulder, their back, so we can lean on them. And, by the way, they will surely make the perfect plan to give your ex a nice solid kick in whichever part of his body he deserves.

Read self-help books.

Even if some of the techniques described in them seem funny or absurd to you, just give them a chance. Try them. Plus, no one will be watching you while you practice them, so what do you have to lose? All the tips and exercises work with the subconscious part of your mind and will give you the results you need. They will not only help you let go, but will also improve your self-confidence and will change the way you think and perceive and deal with different life situations.

Let all the clutter you have been suppressing inside pour out.

Cleanse your heart. Write a journal, or stories, or poems. Let go of all old feelings and of all things that sadden you.

And forgive him.

Forgive him, because the only reason he left you was he didn’t know how to love with all his heart – selflessly, madly, deeply. Forgive him and leave him behind, because you deserve to meet someone who will love you the way he couldn’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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