This Is How You Fall In Love With Him (Even When You’re Trying So Hard Not To)

Elizabeth Tsung
Elizabeth Tsung

When he walks so confidently like he has just won a war he hasn’t fought yet, avert your eyes. Let him be as any boy is.

When you see him fighting for what he believes in, his hand moving, his mouth gasping for more air just so he can make his point, let him be as any boy is and avert your eyes.

When he is grinning at you because you both said the same thing at the same time, don’t grin back, don’t feed that smile that you hate with love.

Let him be as any boy is. And with those eyes of yours, learn to blind them to the boy who brightens them.

When you catch him looking and this time, he doesn’t care that you’ve caught him and instead whispers that he loves you, pretend, don’t panic, and pretend you didn’t hear him.

Be so good at ignoring him that he begins to doubt his own existence.

However, there’s some moments you won’t be so good at ignoring. Like when you guys laugh at the same things. When your favorite show is his favorite show. It’s always the little things. How you saw him cry. It’s always the little things. How he wanted you to know he hates Disney too. How you catch him looking from the corner of his eyes.

But these little things add up and multiply, and if these little things multiply, they could divide.

And you will begin to subtract your lack of trust. You will subtract the walls you’ve built and watch them fall, sounding so beautiful and terrifying all at once. You will hear your walls tumbling down when you slowly whisper back that you love him as well.

You will see your walls slowly tumbling down when you can look him in the eye and smile so wide that you forget your teeth aren’t perfect, and you realize he likes them better that way anyway. Things will multiply.

Don’t fall asleep, at least not next to him, because he knows that when you finally fall asleep, you’ll finally fall in love with him too.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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