10 Little Things To Remember When You’re Struggling To Find Yourself

Tanja Heffner


Looking at people on subways and wondering what they’re thinking about, where they’re coming from, or where they’re heading to, realizing that we are all the same, after all. We all have thoughts about what needs to be done today, tomorrow, next month, about where we need to go, what we’ll have to say, or about what the other should say. We all have longings, sorrows, anxieties, fears, breaths of air, hopes, dreams.


Feeling at home with your friends, acting as silly as you never imagined you could, laughing about the dumbest things possible, dancing with your hands way up, being as honest as you’ll ever be, understanding each other without words, gazing in total shock at the stars and at this giant Universe and saying at the same time “This is awesome”.


The greatest love one human being can possibly experience ever, knowing that you’re being taken care with the smallest gestures of unconditional kindness and warmth. When your parent asks you how your day’s been, he’s reaching out to you more genuinely and wholeheartedly than anyone will ever do.


Whatever makes my body move in a smooth and joyful state of spirit, I praise and bow to it. It’s the single instant solution to cast the thoughts away and just enjoy the present. It takes you through so many emotions, that you forget and remember who you are in just a couple of minutes, like an intense course about life between two bridges and one chorus.


Could you imagine not having what to eat? Nor for one day, but for a period unknown to you. Having stomach aches for weeks on end? Eating dried bread moisten in water or tea, best case scenario? Being forced to eat out of the dumpsters? The greatest privilege of my life is having things to eat.


I never quite understood the longing to travel. I fully enjoy the experiences I get to have every single day, no matter where I am. However, when I do get the chance to travel, it opens my mind so brightly and widely, that it offers me sights and sensations I had never realized I longed for.


The safety and security a roof over your head has to offer allows the mind to be at ease and free. The feeling you have when your house looks picture perfect that even the light saw something special in there and decided to hang out a while. Knowing that whenever you’ve had a shitty day, you get to go home.


Walking barefoot in a garden, around Grandma’s countryside farm, in a stream with marbles on the bottom, swimming in the sea, following a path through the forest and touching all the leaves and trees you pass by, dodging from branches, smelling the rain, breathing the most fresh and clean air you never knew existed, that makes your brain feel baptized.


Imagination is a wonderful thing. It takes you places you never saw before, it makes you see parallel dimensions and realities that get to be so real you can almost feel them. It helps us picture ourselves at our happiest place, so calm and peaceful that it makes us wonder if we can ever feel it alive. And this is how we pursue dreams.


The great power to feel at ease and easy, soft and warm, calm and happy, to enjoy every single moment of existence you experience. The most beautiful wonder of nature that makes you love everything around you and yourself in it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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