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35 Life Lessons To Learn The Closer You Get To 30

1. You don’t have to know what the heck you want in life from the moment you leave the womb. You don’t even need to have a solid picture at (gasp) high school graduation. Figure out the things you enjoy and then go from there. This can change multiple times in life, and that is absolutely FINE.

I Was In The Chiang Mai Earthquake

“Wait,” our instructor tells us, still perched on the bike as the building continues to move side-to-side. I look at him like my life depends on it, having never been through a quake.

25 Reasons I Love Las Vegas

Unless you are at a club, then you catch last call and head to ANY other bar in the world because they will always be open.

Being A Fat Girl In Thailand

Unlike in Western cultures, weight here isn’t one of those hush-hush things. It’s an in-your-face thing. Comments people make here that would make me cry if someone Western was saying it simply roll off my back. Or, they try to roll off my back.

8 Things To Keep In Mind When You Travel

No matter if you are a solo traveler, a packaged-tour-lover or a weekend adventurer to a far off place, it is important to keep some basic things in mind when you jet off to another country.