13 Harsh But True Realities Every Post Grad Will Instantly Relate To

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

When we were little kids, we always thought adulthood was the answer to everything. That it was going to be the greatest time of our lives. The time we’ll finally live the life we’ve always wanted for ourselves. The time we’ll finally fulfill all those dreams written in every corner of our delicate little hearts. The time we’ll conquer every possible challenge and will succeed.

You believe this with all your heart, mind, and spirit. You have been nothing but prepared for this, for the “real life”, for the real world. Everyone around you tells you the same thing over and over — that you are bound to live an extraordinary life. To do the impossible. To do great things. To succeed in whatever you decide on pursuing.

So you believed them, sadly you believed them. However, you didn’t realize the other side of the truth ’til you got to adulthood.


1. You doubt yourself.

Can you really do it? Are you really good at this or you just made yourself believe so? You’ll start to think whether or not you can do a particular thing. You’ll realize that the strengths you have, the ones you thought would bring you success somehow failed to do so. Where did all your strengths go? Did it vanish after the triumphant feeling you felt when you graduated? You’ll question absolutely everything.

2. You’re caught somewhere in the middle.

The college madness. Non-stop partying with friends. Awesome study sessions at Starbucks. Late night talks with your buddies – all those are OVER. You’re caught up between that and your expectations of being a rich, successful, happy person who have his/her entire life figured out, who is sure of the path he/she will traverse and the ways on how to go there.

3. You fail over and over again.

You just can’t run away from failure. Contrary to what everyone told you, you can’t be successful all the freaking time. If you’re bound to be great, you’re also bound to fail. However, understand that failures play a huge part of becoming your true self. Failures will mold you. You need it.

4. You filter the people you keep.

You realize that you are not be able to keep everyone you had back in college, and that (frankly) you don’t want to. Some people are meant to drift away. Some people are meant to grow without you. Some people are meant to just go. Sure, it’ll be sad for a while, but then you understand that you have to go on without them. You’ll meet new people, better people. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s just different.

5. You work so hard to get hired, then you realize just how much you want to quit.

Mainly because you realize this isn’t the job you imagined for yourself, and as scary as that is it’s okay. You can quit. Apply when you’re ready. Either get the job you like or be employed in another soul-sucking dead-end job. That’s reality.

6. You get jealous with other people’s success.

You look at your college mates and you realize Danny already bought a new car. Jenna just bought a new place. Michelle is currently employed at that job you’ve always wanted for yourself. Rizza is happily in a relationship. Angel just got promoted. Mimi is making so much money than you could even imagine. Ciara and Micah are out there, exploring different places.

Meanwhile you’re still here.. in the same place, with the same shitty job. And you’ll feel like a failure.

But you’re not. You’ll find your way. Just not today. Maybe tomorrow. It might take some time, but you shouldn’t compare the progress you have with others.

7. You might never land your dream job.

They tell you nothing is impossible, that no matter how much and whatever it takes, you’ll get there. You’ll land your dream job. But sometimes, that is not and will never be the case. Sometimes your dream job isn’t really for you. Not for lack of trying but because you aren’t really for that particular job. Maybe you’re meant for something else, something different. And sometimes different is better than what you have in mind.

8. Your life might never be what you’ve always imagined for yourself.

Considering the real world and the real situation you’re in, you might not live the life you’ve always wanted. After all, you may not be that rich, successful CEO, you may not marry a handsome, French guy, you may not be a big deal after all – all of which are okay. The world will not condemn you.

9. Those you thought wouldn’t succeed are actually wayyyyyyy ahead of you.

And you’re wayyyyyy behind them. That’s life. You can’t really judge a book by its cover which also applies to you, you can’t judge your success yet. Your life can actually turn around in the coming years.

10. You wake up one day realizing you’re surrounded with a whole new group of people.

You realize you’re surrounded with a few good colleagues, some college friends, family and you’re quite satisfied. You realize you don’t need shallow, insignificant people. You realize you’re good with fewer people you have.

11. Money became a real pain in the ass.

You’ll realize that making a 6-figure salary isn’t at all easy. Saving isn’t either. You’ll realize that it’s pure hard work just to make it to the next cut off. And that the adult life is definitely more expensive than college life.

12. In time, you might never be “big”.

You might live that mediocre life you’ve always feared of living. At times, you’ll feel like life will never come together for you. It might really never, not the way you hope it will. But in some other way, something better – it will.

13. Adulthood SUCKS, but it makes you realize what’s important.

It does. BIG TIME. But you learn to love and appreciate your family more.

You’ll find that through all the hard times, happy times, trying times and failing times they’re just there. No matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Dian is the author of Catastrophes, a prose and poetry collection exploring living and loving, breaking and mending, falling and rising, losing and surviving. Get in touch with her on Instagram and Twitter.

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