4 Definitive Reasons Why You Should Not Live A Life Of Travel

Ethan Sykes

Before you run off and book your first trip, take note of these reasons why you must never travel. Your life will never be the same. Travel is like a venus fly trap that sucks you in and will never let you go. So before you do anything, you have to understand the reasons why you should not travel.

It’s all you’ll think about.

As someone who travels a lottttt, all I can think about is traveling. Every free second I get I use it to look up flights or book a trip. Sometimes I even book trips while on another trip. And when I am not traveling all I am doing is thinking about traveling. I am obsessed. My thirst to explore simply can’t be quenched, I am always left wanting more.

You’ll never want to go home.

You know that feeling you get on Sunday when you realize the weekend is over so you have to work the next day and it’s “back to the real world”? Well, realizing your trip is at the end is that feeling times a million. You don’t want to leave. It’s like that feeling you get in high school when your friends have a later curfew than you do and you have to leave the party early.

You’ll have so many stories to tell.

I could spend hours talking about my travels. When visiting country or city for the first time it is all so new and exciting. So of course, you’ll have endless stories to tell! If you’re telling these stories to friends who’ve never traveled before they won’t understand where you’re coming from because they can’t relate (or they’re jealous).

You’ll spend every day counting down till your next trip

LITERALLY every single day. Once you come home, (or even on the flight home haha) you will spend all of your time looking up flights to anywhere and then once the flight is actually booked all you’ll be able to think about is how much longer until you’re boarding the plane for your next trip. There’s nothing like traveling. It’s inspiring, it’s freeing, it’s educational, it’s powerful. So, go travel. Travel often. Travel near and travel far. Just Go.

So go travel, make memories, be present, try new things and enjoy your trip! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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