Move On From The One Who Got Away And Wait For The One Who God Will Allow

Move On From The One Who Got Away And Wait For The One Who God Will Allow

We’ve all had that one person who made us fall in love with their presence. You have this kind of connection with each other which you just can’t explain. And as time goes by, as you get to know this person deeply, you get all too familiar with his smell, his smile, his nuances and you’ll wake up one day feeling a different sense of happiness and comfort knowing and having this person around. You would even create a beautiful picture of how the two of you will get on life’s every adventure. And then one day, all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, they left….no words, no goodbyes… nothing.

As things get out of control and life happens, you’ll be left with a lot of whys—Why things happened too fast? Why did beautiful things have to end? Why did they leave you? Why didn’t they choose you? Why did they have to go away? Was it fate? Was it chance? Or was it God?

Just like you, I’ve also longed for answers to these questions at one point in my life. There was even a time when I would ask God if He really wants me to be happy. I often wonder why at my happiest, He allows things that will break my heart to happen. I thought I wouldn’t get a reply.

I woke up one day and realized why He allowed the one that got away to walk out of my life. And it is not because there’s something wrong with me but because not everyone is meant to stay in my life. We choose them and they choose us. And in most cases, God has the last say who should last. It was His way of telling me that the one you met, no matter how happy you felt with his presence, isn’t always the one who can make things right or even make you feel complete. They got away for a reason or sometimes there could be no reason at all. But regardless of what this person is trying to teach me, I should be thankful for when they left, because that gave a whole space for the one that He will allow.

Unlike the one that got away, the one that God allowed never leaves. While the one who left makes you feel dreamy, the one who stayed will make open your eyes to reality. He will make you understand that your love story may not be the kind you see in movies or read in fairy tales, but it is way beyond the ordinary. There will be no butterflies in your stomach because you’ll find in them a deeper sense of comfort—the kind where there’s love in silence, there’s joy even in the simplest of things, and there’s security in every uncertainty.

The one that God allowed will never make you ask questions. There are no whys and what ifs. There are no grey areas. There are no sleepless nights asking yourself if he’ll still be here tomorrow because with them, there are no goodbyes, only good nights. With them, you’ll never have to doubt your worth and your existence. Because in them you will feel that you’re the best thing that ever happened to them.

While the one that got away makes you feel ecstatic, the one that God allowed gives you freedom—the freedom to be yourself, to be flawed, to be human. With them, you’ll learn to embrace your imperfections and uniqueness because there’s stillness even in the darkest corner of your soul. Because having them around would mean being imperfect in the most beautiful way. They see you as you are—nothing less but so much more.

The one that God allowed is always worth the wait because they will replace the pain you felt with the one that got away with his pure intentions. And when the waiting is over, you’ll realize that God didn’t make you wait for nothing. He has always the biggest, most perfect plan in your life only if you’ll surrender your heart to him. What’s even more amazing is that He’ll not only heal and restore your heart. He will make it new for the one who truly deserves you.

Don’t fret when the one that got away leaves but rather be thankful that you’re now closer to the one that God allowed. You may be crying or asking the same questions as I did when my heart was broken, but believe me, when the time is right, He will reveal the right one when you’re both ready for each other. It may take you sometime but there’s nothing more freeing than the feeling of letting go—letting go of what’s not meant for you, letting go of the past, and letting go of the pain.

The waiting season may not always be as beautiful as you think, but it is always the perfect time to learn more about yourself. This is the season where you’ll discover what you’re capable of with all the uncertainties that will uncover along the way. You’ll realize that there’s a different sense of fulfillment in being alone and doing things all by yourself. That there is beauty in loving your own company. That you’ll never have this chance again where you can nurture yourself with the kind of love it truly deserves.

While you’re still waiting, I pray that you find peace. That you allow yourself to grow and that you’ll never be afraid to take chances again— to be found, to be pursued, to be loved.

I hope that as you read this, you’ll be able to use this season to pray for God’s best. I wish that you’ll learn to embrace each day expectant of God’s perfect gift. That you’ll learn to smile through the rough roads and keep on celebrating the smooth ones. I hope that you allow God to move in your life as you prepare to be the best person while you’re waiting for the right one. And through it all, please remember to say goodbye and thank you to the one that got away as you make way for the one that He allowed.

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