13 Haikus On Depression And Suicide

Trigger warning

1. Got tons of failures
I have tried to kill myself
and again, I failed.

2. I am so confused
if the real monster is me
or what’s within me.

3. I thought that maybe
my life could be wonderful
if I just end it.

4. Perhaps if I’m dead,
they — who never looked at me —
would know I exist.

5. I’m sympathetic
to kill men, but pathetic
enough to kill me.

6. I’m already dead
yet my mind can’t justify
what I really am.

7. I’m afraid of what
is after life as much as
I’m afraid of now.

8. “You can’t kill what’s dead”,
I told the murderer so
he walked out instead.

9. I call upon sleep
to stay with me and I beg,
“…infinitely, please!”.

10. When I say goodbye,
don’t wait for my come back ‘cause
by that time, I’m gone.

11. Well, maybe these eyes
are better off closed from now
up to forever.

12. A thin thread of hope
is enough to hang myself
with a long thick rope.

13. There’s no difference
if I cut myself today
I’m dead anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Eric Schmahl

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