8 Times Taylor Swift Got It Right About Life And Love

Taylor Swift has been tagged as the perpetual ex-girlfriend who does not know how to deal with heartbreak in any other way but to write songs for all the boys with whom she had a failed relationship. She has been boxed into a notion that she is above skilled in making bitter songs blaming her past boyfriends on every unhappy ending she has faced in every love affair she has been in, that she tends to build herself as an epitome of selfishness. Well, haters gonna hate but here are the list of lines of her songs that do not talk about bitterness and instead tell about the lessons she’s learned after every encounter.

1. “I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it.” All Too Well

This mushy song is filled with almost too much nostalgia, telling all about the memories in the past, sparing no detail and dissecting how and why it did not last, but this line is refreshing as she somehow thinks she might have committed her own share of mistakes for the failed relationship. It’s about her realization that maybe she lost herself while loving someone so much.

2. “Who you are is not what you did”, “Who you are is not where you’ve been.” “Today is never too late to be brand new.” Innocent

Remember that September night when Taylor got screwed over by one Mr. West for bagging the award at the VMA? It didn’t take her long to forgive without anyone asking her forgiveness. And that act, as we all know, takes a lot of maturity. A person has to be brave to think that at some point, you too can be flawed but that doesn’t mean you are your mistakes.

3. “I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone.” Never Grow Up

Taylor knows the importance of what she has right now, and despite having more than what your average girl has to claim, she never loses wonder that everything is temporary and people have to be thankful for what they’ve got right now.

4. “Now my name is up in lights, but I think you got it right, let me tell you now, you’re the lucky one.” The Lucky One

This song is about an influential star who has turned down fame and opted to live a simpler life because fame is not everything. This, however, does not reflect how discontented she was but it more sounds like a person who still thinks that there’s a lot of things to be lucky for other than getting into the spotlight and being adored by bunches of people.

5. “It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you / Wishing I’d realized what I have when you were mine.” Back To December

We’ve heard a lot of her songs blaming the other half for the worse outcome of the relationship, but this one’s the exception as she herself admits that she’s the one to be blamed for, and that she, in some ways, has fallen short which triggered their affair to end.

6. “Maybe it’s me and my blind optimism to blame.” Dear John

The song tackles about how gullible she was for falling in love with a messed-up man who doesn’t know how to take love seriously and all he knows is that love is always a game he could play. On the previous stanzas of this song, Taylor’s attributes so much blame to that man, but this line got me hooked as she thinks that maybe, she’s the one who is responsible for her own pain.

7. “Don’t forget to look before you fall.” Fifteen

This song is an observation and a statement as she witness her best friend breaks in the middle of her fall to the guy who she surely thinks is the perfect guy for her. This is what she has learned from witnessing that.

8. “He’s long gone when he’s next to me and I realize the blame is on me.” I Knew You Were Trouble

She’s too brave to not get into a relationship that she knew beforehand was, well… trouble. She’s aware that she’ll end up wrecked because she know that the guy himself was wrecked to begin with, but sometimes love is worth that risk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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